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Additional Services

At BLS International, we constantly strive to offer a range of hi-end services to enhance customer satisfaction.

Pre Book your Services before visiting the Visa Application Centre

As part of our constant and on-going endeavor to add value to applicants’ experience, it is our privilege to offer the following optional service for the convenience of customer.

Services Description Price
SMS Application status tracking while on the move, through automated SMS messages to the applicant’s mobile phone at various stages of the visa application. 5 SR
Photocopies (per page) Photocopier facility at our Application Centre to help with copies of documents. 2 SR
Photograph (6 photos) Avail the photograph facility at our Centre in case of missing photographs or the correct specification. 45 SR
Courier (Delivery to applicant) Passport delivery at your home / office address to avoid the inconvenience of travelling to the application Centre to collect the processed document. 45 SR
70 SR
Form Filling Filling of Visa Application forms 25 SR
Travel Insurance Accredited travel insurance commensurate with the length of travel required
(7 Days,
15 Days,
30 Days)

105 SR
135 SR
160 SR
Premium Lounge In our constant endeavour to provide exceptional service to our applicants, BLS provides Premium Lounge service, The service includes the below facilities:
√ Ease of taking appointment, Complementary Walk-in without appointment service.
√ Quicker submission of your application.
√ Photocopying service for your documents.
√ SMS alert on the status of your application.
√ Courier return of your passport.
√ Stylish surroundings with refreshments ensuring comfort while submitting your Spain Visa Application.
Applicants wishing to avail Photograph & Printing services can avail the same at the Lounge (Optional).

Important note: Using the premium lounge service does not guarantee the right to grant the visa or process the visa faster, Issuance of Visa to Spain is the sole decision of Embassy of Spain in Riyadh.
370 SR
Translation Documents translate from Arabic to English 125 SR (per page up to 250 words)
Prime Days Offers the convenience of submitting applications on Saturdays from 8:30 AM till 1:00 PM 160 SR (per application)
Prime Days Offers the convenience of submitting applications on Saturdays from 8:30 AM till 1:00 PM 160 SR (per application)

Mobile Biometric Service

BLS is pleased to offer Mobile Biometric Services to our applicants as a convenient, time-saving and relaxed way of submitting their Visa Applications from the comfort of your home or office as per convenience.

Applicants / Groups may schedule an appointment and the entire documents with biometrics will be collected at the place of your choice by our Mobile Biometric Officers.

5% VAT will be applicable on the price of Mobile biometric service.


  • * To serve large groups better like corporate employees, students, sports teams, special needs groups, weddings guests and those travelling for conferences.
  • * Convenient, time -saving and hassle free way of submitting visa application.
  • * Personal or physical constrains.

Please note: You should prepare all the documents before applying for this service.

Cost of the service

Number of applications Price in KSA(SAR)***
1-5 1575
6-15 1260
More than 15 1050

*The prices above are VAT exclusive

** Debit Card payments are only accepted (Cash not allowed)

Dear Applicant please note that Mobile Biometric service fees are non-refundable.

To know more / avail this service please:
Call: “0114831162” Or Email: “
Our team will contact you as soon as we receive your request.